Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A Word on our Hosts

As some of you know, we're here in Buenos Aires because we were presented with the amazing opportunity to dogsit by some total strangers (thanks, world wide web!). Flights were a totally reasonable $800, so we each dipped into the ol' savings account, and headed south to stay in this lovely apartment for free.

Having very little idea what to expect, we knew only that we were destined for the apartment of two former New Yorkers. Mike and Eliza seemed incredibly nice via email, and that proved true when we rolled up to the apartment at 10pm on a Wednesday night to meet Eliza, who despite trying to finish some work, run some errands, and pack for three weeks in the States, still managed to draw us an absurdly cute little map of the neighborhood and take us out to show us around—and even slept on the couch our first night here!

In a strange coincidence, it turns out that Eliza runs a hand-printed stationary business called Morris and Essex, randomly named for the train line that Stuart grew up on in New Jersey. But wait, it gets better! It turns out that Eliza is originally from Maine, and our grandmothers live two towns away from each other in New Hampshire. (I was all, "you know the Kancamagus Highway?" and she was all, "Yeah! I love the Kancamagus Highway!") As we swapped stories about summers in New Hampshire and the Park Slope Food Coop, I noticed their small DVD collection next to the computer. And dude—how could I not love these people?


Hogar, dulce hogar.

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