Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Wacky Bs As

Lest you all think that we've been sitting at home footnoting research papers and having post-structural debates about memorialization this whole vacation, we wanted to share some of the hilarity we've come upon in the last couple of weeks:

So, it's winter here. We have the (meager) heat on whenever we're home. Which is an OPEN FLAME. Luckily, there has been no dog-singeing thus far:

Yes, there is a window open at all times, so we don't die of carbon monoxide poisoning. Yes, this defeats the purpose of having the heat on. Welcome to Argentina.

Um, and we're a long way from Mexico. That soup below?

Bowl-o-enchiladas. They were good, though.

And I can't imagine what a spectacle it created when they drove this Argentina-themed tank to its spot on display:

Especially given that you can still see the tank tracks in the pavement. I wonder if the bus tried to cut him off when he slowed to turn into the military base.

One animal we overlooked in our zoo post was this giant freaking turtle:

Who had clearly eaten some of this food, but then just backed in and sat-the-fuck-down. Maybe out of spite for the other giant freaking turtle? But he sure as hell wasn't moving.

Oh, right, and we haven't spent EVERY waking moment in the house researching rare Argentine records. Sometimes, we play ping-pong:

Um, and drink beer.

Oh! And we haven't been snapping photos only of anti-capitalist graffiti. Sometimes, there is such heartfelt sentiment written on a bridge, you can't help yourself.

Yes, it says, "Love is blind. -Ray Charles."

Then, just when we're starting to get homesick, we run into this, in Belgrano:

Why go back to New York, when you can get a burger and a coke in the Chrysler Building right here?

Sadly, though, the sun glinting off the Chrysler-replica caused pain for more than just us Neoyorquinos:

Even the dogs in Belgrano gotta shield their eyes from that shit. He do look cool, though.

And then we stumbled across Buenos Aires' only religious-themed amusement attraction: Tierra Santa. Sadly, it was closed. But we enjoyed ourselves at the Lord's expense nonetheless:

Dude all the way to the left looked a little suspect. Personally, I don't know if there were any elephant seals in Bethlehem or whatever, but he looked chill, so we hung out for awhile.

Everyone from our hosts to the guidebooks told us that biking in this town would be absurdly difficult. But it's not, if you're willing to ignore that fact that no one drives in a lane, red lights mean nothing, and the way to get through an intersection is to get there first and play chicken with the oncoming traffic until someone either 1) passes or 2) crashes. (Before we started riding bikes everywhere, we were very nearly killed in taxis on multiple occasions.) Oh, and also, the few bike paths that exist look like this:

But there are plenty of bikers out and about in Buenos Aires. Like this guy, who clearly needs these aero-wheels for his grocery run:

Or this guy, whose entourage of dogs could fend off any taxi:

And then, after a long ride through the bustling city, dodging buses and breathing in diesel fumes, Argentines and their best friends can look forward to a delicious frozen meal:

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Nancy (aka Dalila) said...

Hi Stuart and Christy. Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm glad you enjoy it. I can see you are having a great time in BA. It's cool to learn how foreigners see my own town. Cheers!